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Design/Build Bid:

We typically create bids in two ways,  we will either submit a standard competitive bid based on an existing design, or work directly with a client to develop a design in what we call a design/build bid.


Competitive Bid:

A competitive bid is used when a client already has a completed design plan.  We will meet with you or an architect for a thorough on-site walk through, ask questions to clarify any design issues, and define the scope of work.  We will than provide a detailed formal bid based on the approved design.  All aspects of work will be itemized, priced, and explained.  If our proposal is chosen over competitor proposals, we will provide all necessary job schedules, critical path charts, and material requirement planning in order to ensure project efficiency and delivery.


Design/Build Bid:

A traditional competitive bid is not ideal for some projects.  Clients often have an idea of what they want but have no formal design plans.  We use a design/build bid in these situations.   Instead of simply drafting a bid based on a completed design plan, we will work directly with a client to discuss their wants and needs in order to develop a budget.  Once a budget is set, we can than collaborate on a design that maximizes the available budget.  We will than provide a formal bid based on the collaborated design, with the entire scope of work itemized, priced, and explained.  This approach allows us to greatly enhance our final product by continually communicating with the client and developing unique solutions to individual needs.

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